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Published on June 4th, 2013 | by Office of the City Mayor

New traffic system to ease congestion in Irlam

A new road system that aims to reduce traffic congestion at busy times will be piloted in Irlam, as the Peel Green roundabout is widened.

The ‘traffic flow’ will focus on the roundabout (M60, J11) as the number of lanes heading toward the motorway is doubled to two on Liverpool Road (A57) due to a new layout of the road markings.

And work is set to begin on widening the roundabout on Tuesday, June 11. It will also see the introduction of traffic lights to the slip roads entering the roundabout.

The work will be done in sections rather than at the same time, to avoid reducing the roundabout to one-lane and causing further congestion in the area. It will be done outside of rush hours, where possible, and is expected to be finished by November.

This follows a recent summit organised by the City Mayor Ian Stewart, at which contractors and firms working on the roads around Irlam and Eccles agreed to greater co-operation and communication to reduce congestion for residents.

The new ‘traffic flow’ system, which will be in place by the end of June, means that drivers travelling from Argosy Drive to the roundabout will enjoy two lanes rather than one, as is the case currently.

On the Eccles side of the roundabout commuters driving from Landsale Street to the roundabout will also be able to use two lanes.

It is believed the move, being led by the council, will significantly reduce congestion and allow traffic to move much more smoothly as early morning commuters make their journeys.

The roundabout work is being done as part of the A57 Road Improvement Scheme which unlocks the £138million pound development of Port Salford, which will create 3,000 new jobs.

Port Salford will boost local business, economic prosperity and provide new life and regeneration to the Manchester Ship Canal corridor.

Additionally, when events are being held at Salford City Stadium, which is accessed via Liverpool Road, the new ‘traffic flow’ system will reverse allowing for two lanes travelling from the Peel Green roundabout to Argosy Drive.

The match day plans mean the traffic system will be in place for 2-3 hours prior to ‘kick off’ but will be removed during the event so that traffic can flow back in two lanes to the motorway after the game.

Inside the new traffic flow system prior to ‘kick off’ at the stadium, the speed limit will be reduced to 20mph to increase safety for road users, pedestrians and cyclist.

To introduce the morning traffic flow system, new road markings will be installed.

And shared pedestrian and cycle paths will be extended from Argosy Drive to Sealands Drive, along with new signage, making it easier and safer to walk and cycle along the A57.

The system will remain in place for 18 months, while the council studies its impact.

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart said: “The current level of congestion in Irlam, especially on matchdays, is unacceptable. As a local resident, I feel the community’s frustrations.

“That is why I am taking considered and logical steps to improve the situation.

“The new system will hopefully improve safety for all road users, reduce congestion and speed up journey times.

“The work that is being done will be worth it. The creation of Port Salford, including a new road in and out of Irlam, will bring huge economic benefits to the area including thousands of new jobs.”

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